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Oil Changes 1999 ML320

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Currently I am changing my oil every six months. The reason I do that is because I only drive the car 2000m per year and it sits a lot. I am thinking that I could change the oil once per year with no harmful effect to the engine. I use Mobil 1 sythethic. I would appreciate any advice from the forum. thanks. charles
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You are overdoing it.
Our 1999 ML320 was run on dino oils for few years before MBUSA changed the policy.
I was servicing it at the dealer during warranty period and since it was our vacation car, the 13,000 miles FSS would give us would take 18-20 months.
Once again - on dino oils. The car lasted in our family 13 years. During that time we had to replace about $300 worth of broken parts.
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