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Oil Changes 1999 ML320

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Currently I am changing my oil every six months. The reason I do that is because I only drive the car 2000m per year and it sits a lot. I am thinking that I could change the oil once per year with no harmful effect to the engine. I use Mobil 1 sythethic. I would appreciate any advice from the forum. thanks. charles
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Your thinking is correct. The nominal interval is 10,000 miles (follow FSS) or annually, whichever comes first. You could probably fudge some as well, but personally I would not.

Side note: At that rate of mileage accumulation, you must have the most pristine 163 on the planet. ;)

Good luck.
Check Codes: thanks for your advice. Actually I own a ML 320 and not the 163. It is in very good condition despite its age. charles
Actually, you do own a W163, which is the chassis designation for your SUV.

There is an excellent forum here full of good information aimed directly at your 163: W163 M-Class - Mercedes-Benz Forum

Happy reading! :D
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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