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Oil change - can be important - everyone should read

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Remember that post about BMW owner who used his sock instead of oil cap and it got sucked in to the engine ? - i had a similar close call today myself.

Was doing the oil change today. The Usual - topsider, 8.5 quarts of Mobil1 0w40, fleece filter. Except - Mobil 1 changed design of the bottle.

How i usually do it - start topsider, remove filter, put a new on the stick and put it aside, next - I use the filter hole to pour new oil in. I don't use a funnel. Just pour straight from the bottle in to the filter hole - it's big enough, also funnel can be dirty. I usually start to pour by hand and when bottle almost done - i put it upside down into the filter hole so last drops of oil will go in and use this time to crack open a next bottle. After i pull the third bottle out - lucky enough i looked in to the filter hole. The plastic neck seal from Mobil1 bottle was laying inside ready to be washed in inside the engine by next bottle of oil. it's gray inside silver aluminum tube - not easy to easy at a glance. After careful going thru garbage i found the necks from other two bottles.

I was lucky toady - but i thought i warned you - cause this is something that didn't think of. Also i believe sometime ago Mobil bottles had blue cap and this wasn't an issue somehow.

So guys how DIY - suggest you check the bottle after you crack it open to make sure that the neck-seal wouldn't fall inside the engine.

If you going somewhere to get oil changed - think if guy who does it cares enough to pay attention to it.

Also i figured out how to improve topsider - put a thread sealant (from home depot) on all the connections - it will be more air tight.