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I have replace the oil pan (dented on severe road slope)on my '90 560SEL with an after market unit. Now at oil and filter change 8 1/2 quarts of oil shows at the minimum mark of the dip stick. The only thing I can figure out is that the new pan is of a larger capacity(deeper) although it seemed to be of the same size.
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It is assumed you’re checking the oil hot.

Is there any oil on the metal part of the dipstick, however low? Could you have mis-measured when replacing the oil, it’s easy to loose count. Are you sure there are no leaks?

There is always some oil left in the engine when changed, as much as a quart and a half. By replacing the pan you more than likely have most of the oil out. one would also assume a larger pan will not fit properly. Add perhaps a half quart and take the car for a drive getting the engine at normal operating temp and check again.
The dipstick is calibrated to read on a hot engine, when the oil is still up in the engine and not in the sump, that’s why the oil reads high – sometimes over the max mark - when the dip is checked cold. You should only add oil after reading the dipstick on hot engine. The best way for me is at every fill up as the engine is just off and you can get an accurate read.

sunny, you need to let us know what the reading is on a hot engine.

I have no idea how you got so much oil into the engine w/o an overfill. Maybe you’re right and you’ve got some weird giant pan…
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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