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1983 500SL
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I blew a chip in my Idle Speed Controller (2nd time in 3 weeks) and would like one of you pros to tell me what value the Idle Speed Adjuster should Ohm out at.

Any sl enthusiast can take this measurement with a volt/ohm meter. Unplug the connector to the adjuster. Set your meter to read ohms (low scale), place the red lead on the top post & black lead on the bottom post and see what you get.

I thank you for this needed info. Tomorrow I plan to change out the bad chip on the controller board and try it one last time. I fear that my adjuster is on its way out.

My info: 83' 500SL (117.962 engine) 8zl coded controller, my cd manual does not reflect the correct wiring colors - black/green wire on bottom post & black wire on top post. These go to pins 5 & 1 on the controller. My measurement = 4.2 ohms.

Thanks for your help.
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