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Ohio Creature Footprints

9" footprints with three claws. Note the blood droplets at top left.

Blood droplets, top left, spattered all along right foot path.

“I am not used to seeing the kind of tracks in my back yard like the samples I’m attaching here. Any ideas? Looks BIG. Gulp.”

So read the email I received last week from my close friend S. with 4 photos attached. He lives in Franklin County, Ohio near Columbus, works in a highly visible profession and is too shy to post these images himself — but he’s also alarmed by the footprints he and his wife found in their back yard last week after the last big snowfall. Knowing of my keen interest in the ridiculous-yet-hard-to-explain, he sent them to me.

He’s been perusing BFRO’s (Big Foot Reaearch Org) site for sasquatch sightings in his area looking to make some kind of sense of this, but to no avail.

“The right track has blood on it — the right foot seems to indicate a foot injury,” his email continued. “We are kinda freaking out. We have spent hours combing through wild animal track books, trying to isolate and identify the tracks, hoping to come up with an explanation. WHOA. Freaking. S.”

He says the tracks crossed through his yard and stopped at a large tree. Sadly there was no shivering juvenile squatch hiding in the tree when he looked up — but then where did it go? Did it fly away? Jersey devil? Mothman? My two cents — these aren’t sasquatch, Jersey devil or mothman prints; they’re clearly dogman prints. Perhaps it leapt from the tree onto another tree or onto his roof (he didn’t think to look there for more prints) and was gone.

They’re real. It’s not a hoax. Your theory? He’s open to your explanations.

Source: Ohio Creature Footprints - Jefe's House
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