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OFFICIAL ///AMG Pictures Sticky

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99 E-55......H&R Springs...#1 Pads.....Daily Driver...Post yours!!!!!!


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General AMG History SCANS

I finally got around to scanning some MBE magazines I had on a shelf and here is the first wave of uploads for today. As always, PM me with your email address if you want the hi-res copies. Enjoy!

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Luxury vehicle Automotive exterior
Material property Flyer Advertising Vehicle Brochure

Land vehicle Vehicle Motor vehicle Car Performance car
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Mid-size car Luxury vehicle
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This is my first M-B, recently purchased. It's a silver designo, with a slate blue varicolor exterior, along with a black and blue interior, approaching 77k miles.
Congratulations are in order on your exceptional purchase, my friend! Well done. Thank you for sharing the pictures! I remember drooling over the pictures of the Designo Edition in the brochure as a kid in my english and history classes!
Check it out....just finished it!
Mein Gott!!!! How in the hell did that engine fit in that bay!!!! So much want!!!! Please tell me there is a build thread somewhere on the web documenting that build! I would pay to see that car in person!
1 - 3 of 129 Posts
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