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Went to the local auto show today. The usual collection of Vettes and Mustangs plus some more interesting Model A's, T's and some of my old cars. A 51 MG TD and 55 Chevy, plus some nice 30's and 40's cars. But, no 49 Mercury's or XKs. However, this one knocked my socks off:
Car Vehicle Tire Automotive parking light Wheel

I've reported it before but without the picture. Jaguar Mark V identical to the one my father had in Singapore except ours was wire wheels and single colour racing green. Also, this one has been extensively reworked with a Chevy V8 and automatic transmission and no Lucas electrics. I learned to drive on this car. Our driver (foreigners often had drivers because Singapore crowds tended to attack drivers in accidents, a far cry from today's country) was an elegant Sikh who was 70 years old and rumor had it he had been let go from the fire department for driving to fast. He let me drive it when mum and dad weren't around in the neighborhood. Great fun to learn on.

I'll post this on off topic too, but I thought some of you in this forum would enjoy seeing it.
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