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Hi Everyone,
How does one find out the OEM for Mercedes parts (names of companies and/or their websites)?
At this time, I'm essentially looking for parts for 1999, C280, W202 chassis, and specifically for suspension lower control arm and ball joints, brake pads and rotors?
Thanks much
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Plus two on completing the profile with vehicle and location, it's often helpful information when you're seeking assistance.

To answer your broader question, MB uses various suppliers for parts, often different suppliers for the same parts.

If you want to be assured of factory quality, you can order through some benz dealers on line (such as in Gainesville, FL) or just go through They work with a few different dealers to ship MB parts (as well as working with Toyota dealers to ship Toyota parts, etc.)

For the best prices, you can also use places like They don't stock every part, but they do sell the OE brands on these parts and in addition to great prices, they offer free shipping when you spend $50 -- it's cool to get a good discount on a pair of Zimmerman rotors and have them shipped for free, too!! :D (For some parts they also carry the brand URO which should be avoided for critical parts.)

Good luck.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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