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Hi, I own a 2000 V220 CDI with about 140.000 miles, whe i take of from standing still, it makes alot of smoke, very dark smoke, but when driving at high speed 80-90-95 mph or even pasing other cars or going up a hil very fast, it doesn't make any smoke.... so the smoke apears only when taking of from standing stil.. (english is my 2-nd language so pleas excuse me).
Also there is a very pronounced hissing sound when the Turbo kicks in.. and I am accelerating ...

Someone tested the Turbo it is in top condition.. so the hissing sound is frome something else... and the injectors are ok, don't need to be replaced yet.. they aren't new, but have the same parameters, not around 0, but around 1... and he told me that if there was big diferences betwen those parameters than they would have needed to be replaced.

So please help with advice. I know that a 2000 V220 with 140.000 miles is going to make some smoke but i think that is suposed to happen only when accelerating very hard....

I plan to clean the EGR valve, check for a cracked tube , to the turbo, and replace the Intercooler as it is half dirty with "tar" and on top there apears to be some damage...

How to chek it the intercooler is damaged ? and if it needs replacing, and how can I clean it..

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