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Odd Questions - Heater and performance

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I took my 72 out yesterday for a 50 mile ride. The odd thing is I could not get the heat to turn off. Even w/ the fan off I could feel warm air from the defrorst vents. I wasn't blowing very hard but it was annoying. Any thoughts?

Also, it seemed to sputter on take off, not much but I could feel it sputter and hear the exhaust pop a little. Ran well at at constant speeds between 45 - 80 MPH. Didn't push it much harder than that because I didn't want to get on the highway.

Is it tune-up time? Do I really need more than wires and plugs? I'll take brand recommendations for the plugs and wires, I doubt anyone is using the same plugs I have in my old Dodge.

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Do they still say "Bitte ein Bit" on the bottles?
The first four or five do, after that I'm not really sure. It does say it on the back of my Benz too, in nice gold letters.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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