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OBD2 scaner

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Did anybody in this forum using OBD2 scaner ?
Is it worth to buy for yourself?
How profesional is it , just thinking about buying one , and I would like to know if that scaner is good enough .
Or mayby someone knows better one with similar price..
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Noodles , I'm just looking for one for my Ml430 just in case any problems with Check engine lights
thanks a lot for all opinions . I will try tonight 3100
is any of this scaner comunicate with car , when check engine lights is off ?
I had a check engine lights on several times together with another controls lights but after restarting engine everything is off . That happen when I was driving so no chance to check it , and its gone after while
Sounds good .The reason why I'm asking is I went yesterday to Auto Zone to scan my car , and they said that they can't comunicate with my car comp because check engine light is off
Yep , good point . I bought 3100 from Walmart tonight , so I will check tomorrow how it work .
1 - 6 of 18 Posts
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