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I have a 1994 SEC600 .. what system is the OBD ??
I do not have the check engine light..
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OBD2 was required for cars sold in the US since Jan 1996.
But that implies mine is OBD1.. but Do I have a Diagnostics Module.. And if so where is it?
try reading jimFs website - its an analogue sytem...
I have a question about the readout from the Diags on my car..
what do the following mean
these are all diagnostic acronyms.. if anyone has a clue I would apreciate the help.
Hello Merc600sec,

Definitely get yourself a copy of Jim F's MB Diagnostic Trouble Code Manual. It's available in hardcopy or CD. Check out the link, and scroll down on the page until you find the Manual info...

But to get you started...
PML = Speed-sensitive power steering
IFZ = Infrared Remote Central Locking
KFB = Convenience Feature
PSE = Pneumatic System Equipment
AB = Supplemental Restraint System (Airbag)
KLA = Air Conditioning
GM = Base Module (Master ECU Controller)
EFP = Electronic Accelerator

All these acronyms are listed in Jim's fantastic manual.
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Merc600sec, do you have a little LED and pushbutton near your diagnostic socket? If you do, there is a way you can read codes using the pushbutton. The LED will flash codes.

I did a lot of research on OBD and OBDII when looking for a scanner for my 95 S600. My car is OBD. The systems on this car have analogue and digital components. Once the next version of OBD came out, it was called OBDII, which retroactively started people referring to the original OBD as OBDI.
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