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It is your car and you drive it. Do what you want to it. I have the OEM Brabus hand brake cover so does this mean I am allowed to have Brabus badges on my car boys? I have a bead on a pair of OEM Brabus door sills so will this give me more street cred. I have an OEM Brabus shift knob from Papa as a gift but only so he can brag my wife plays with his knob each day. Does this allow me to have the badges. I have OEM Brabus center caps.

Papa is right about the OEM trunk and hood badges on Ebay. Remember that Brabus also has the Brabus badge that goes just aft of the doors! But get a permission slip from the forum 1st.
It is your car and if you have to ask these guys then grow some balls!
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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