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Nurburgring lap time

I just found some info about some lap times of a few different cars. I know the new record of the track is a Porsche 911 Turbo Gembella (~700hp) but I forgot what it is exactly.. Anyway, here are the times I found:

Mercedes SLK230: 9min07
Mercedes 2.5-16 EVOII: 8min50 sec [8D][8D]
Mercedes CLK 430: 8min55 sec
Mercedes SL55AMG: 8min12 sec [:0][:0]
Mercedes CLK55AMG: 8min29 sec

Mitsubishi Evo VI: 8min28 sec
BMW M3 E30 evo3: 8min45 sec (Faster than the MB EVOII, but also much lighter, which helps)
BMW Z8: 8min15 sec
BMW M3 E46: 8min 20 sec
Audi RS6: 8min17 sec
Audi S4: 8min43 sec
Audi RS4: 8min25 sec
Lambo Diablo GT: 8min04 sec [:0][:0]
Porsche Ruf CTR II: 8min 15.0sec
Nissan Skyline GTR: 8min 28.1 sec

If you consider the fact that the MB EVOII is 10 years old, it did an incredible lap time [:)] Specially if you consider the fact that the EVOII "only" has 235hp. The Audi S4 is only 7s faster a lap and it has much more hp!!

However, I wish we had a time for the 2.3-16 and 2.5-16
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