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ntg 2.5 - w211 - CONNECTORS

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Hi there
iv decided to change my audio20 cd to command ntg 2.5
so i installed the new one - --> cd/dv/ radio is ok and perfect
- problems are - no lights on buttons (illumination)
buttons on steering are not working at all
Wake-up is also not working (when u pull out the key but command is still working)
and my sds / das is not able to communicate with the AGW of ntg 2.5

and i dont knw what to do:(

but first off all i need the scheme of connectors - w211 - e class command ntg 2.5 (no cd changer) - i mean all that stuff with PIN's
cuz i need to cheak all connetions

Guys i really need ur help:bowdown:
thnx in advance
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Im from Tajikistan
I have WIS - but what and where i can find solution for my problems?
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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