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ntg 2.5 rear audio option

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Hi all. I've been trying to get a streaming video service in my ML63 (W164) with some success, but struggling with the audio. :( The car already has the factory rear seat entertainment, with the DVD player in the centre console. I've managed to get a Fire TV stick plugged into the RCA ports on that, and can get video through the rear monitors no problem. I'm having trouble with the audio though - it's only playing through the headphone jack on the rear monitors. I set the audio option on the head unit (ntg 2.5) to REAR, but no audio. If I play a DVD in the rear player, then I do get audio from the main car speakers - when the head unit is set to REAR. It looks to me like AUX audio in the rear isn't (or cannot be) routed to the main speakers - can anyone confirm that, or have a work around? :unsure: If it's not possible, my next step is a bluetooth 3.5mm adaptor into the MMI interface, but would be nice to have the ntg just sort itself out.....