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now ...what's in your cd player?

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I got 'best of Roxy Music'
some 'Ray Charles',
and i realy like the 'Kind of Blue' cd from Miles Davis for night drives in the city.
Ther is a littel early 'Elvis' for the wife going
in ther too.
any one with some tips,jump right in..[:D]
how about" autobahn "from 'kraftwerk'.[:p]
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schnellgo - 2/24/2005 12:01 PM
how about" autobahn "from 'kraftwerk'.[:p]
How about "A Night At The Opera" by Queen, for the track "I'm In Love With My Car" [:D]

jorma kaukonnen "blue country heart"
dire straits " best of-sultans of swing"
the band "greatest hits"
steely dan "everything must go"
grateful dead "workingman's dead"
I have some Jim Croce, Dire Straits, the Who "Tommy" album, Extreme II, and Chris Isaac. Going to swap out the Extreme II for Elton John.

Mine has Pet Shop Boys "Discography", Mary J Blidge "Remixed", Abba "Greatest Hits", and a CD of all the old disco classics.

Ya gotta throw in some Chris Rea...Road To Hell I and II and his "Johhny Needs A Fast Car"...[:p]
if you want something really off the wall to listen to with your new SLK, download this MP3:

I am listening to an audio book. I have a 35 minute commute and get audio CDs from my local library.

not sure if I make up the typical age range or muscical taste for those posting on here, but here goes with some of my music/artists playing in my SLK 350 now.

Newer Stuff:
Velvet Revolver
Rob Zombie
P.J. Harvey
Stone Temple Pirates
Smashing Pumpkins

Older Stuff:
Stevie Nicks
Led Zepplin
Rolling Stones (gotta love the classic rocker's)
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All my CDs are mixed.

A little of
Opera (Hanz Zimmer, Bizet (Habanera))
House/Techno (ATB, Tiesto, J Punch, Persama, 4 Strings, Oceanlab,
Rap (Busta Rhymes, Snoop Dogg, Usher-Lil' John, Ludacris)
Electronic (Josh Wink)
Country-ish (Nina Nastasia)
Alternative (Sigur Ros, Bjork)
Comedy (Dave Chappele, Chris Rock, Maragret Cho)
Rock (The Darkness, Foo Fighters)
Would you believe a practice CD of Barbershop Songs for our local chapter's Spring Concert. [:0]

This includes such noteable numbers as "Let A Smile Be Your Umbrella (on a rainy, rainy day.)", "Ain't We Got Fun?", "They Wrote "Em In the Good Old Days", and "Somewhere Overweight People" (to the tune of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow."

Really! [:eek:)]
50 cent and the game
Alicia Keys
The Blue Room - eclectic chill-out compilation CD
Chemical Brothers - Galvanise
I have a real mix...

Alicia Keyes
Norah Jones
Diane Krall
The Stones (as in I even need to explain that?)
Some old Charlie Parker and John Lee Hooker (real blues)
Billie Holiday
Classical (DeBussy, Mozart, etc.)
and the Beatles 1 album (and yes, I still love Paul
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Charlie Robison, Jarabe de Palo, Warren Zevon tribute album - 'Enjoy Every Sandwich', Alabama 3 and one of those naff compilation albums that came free with a daily newspaper.
Dimeola, Clapton, Howe and Yes are my favorites, but when the iPOD gets integrated the word everything comes to mind.
Days of Future Pased - Moody Blues
Chicago Greatest Hits
Pavarotti in Central Park
Ray Charles Anthology
The Best of Three Dog Night
Roy Orbison For the Lonely 16 Greatest Hits
Metro - Metro (who???!!)
Jefferson Airplane - Sunfighter, Baron von Tolbooth
Cure - Mixed Up
Sisters of Mercy - A Slight Case of Over Bombing
Bruchner 2nd Symphony
Mahler - Resurection

Plus The Stones, Hendrix & Zepplin on DVD (and 250 other CD's on my Sony NW-Walkman)[^]

Trisha Yearwood
Martina McBride
Terri Clark
Keith Urban
S Club [:I]
The Corrs
Streets of Fire OST

A real interesting mix!!!!
Nice topic...this one should go BIG!!! [8D][8D][8D]

I have:

Scissor Sisters (Scissor Sisters)
Beatles (1)
Santana (Supernatural)
Satie (Gymnopedies)
Chilled Ibiza (mix)
Pink Floyd (Dark Side of The Moon)
Pearls Before Swine (One Nation Underground)
Bizet (L'Arlesienne / Carmen)
Las Ketchup (Asereje - "The Ketchup Song")
Plus one of my own pieces on a rough CD. Hoping to get it onto a "real" CD one day! [:D]

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