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now i've really done it

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I've been talking about it for a long time, I have the cash in hand, so I had to jump in and do it otherwise it'd never get done.

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nope. everything comes off except the roof rails and the trim that's closest to the windows (masked in that photo).

I'm leaving the lights/grille on for the interim because I'm going to drive it out to the painter in a week or so for a progress check... and I'll need the lights/bumpers to get the car there [legally]

Getting the side trim off was the hard part... lights bumpers door handles are easy. :thumbsup:

too bad the prior painter buggered up quite a bit of the mouldings already... but I know how to remove them cleanly so I'll begin scouring wreckers once the car is shot.
nutz4benz said:
Pull the grill and replace the gasket.That's a favorite place for rust to grow BTW.I only say this because I see you started masking it :nono:
that tape is there strictly to keep me from sanding my grille. the only reason i've masked other areas is the same... to keep me from effing up shiny bits with my sandpaper.

there is method to my madness, and this is *not* my first paint project :p
nutz4benz said:
Oh,so you're using a DA?
I'm working the trouble, shapely, and tight spots by hand and will do the large panels with a DA and/or board sander. That's the easy part ;)
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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