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Howdy!!! I've had an ML430 for several years now, and just picked up a CLK320 yesterday. Both are 1999. The CLK only has 41k and is in near mint condition. I really don't want Exzibit hanging around so I decided to pimp my OWN ride.
But before I start slapping dubious aftermarket parts on my car I have a question about the phone.
It's the most unimportant thing to me actually, but it would be cool to talk hands free.
I know this has been discussed ad-nauseum but I can't find a straight answer.
What is the most inexpensive way to set up the phone, and how to do it.
I have no intention of carrying it around (5 years in the corporate world and believe me, no news is good news)so a "hernia handset" is no problem.
If I just wanted to look cool, I could roll up the windows and talk to myself. I could even put a piece of duct tape over the "no" part where it says "no phone", ..well you get the picture. Thanks!
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