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Hey everyone! I've been browsing this forum for quite some time after recently getting my new-to-me Mercedes, and have found lots of helpful information!

However, yesterday I went outside to start my car and noticed there was no "click" letting me know the steering column was unlocked. Crap.

Googled the problem, found quite a few threads on this forum about it, and was not too thrilled about needing a new key. So I thought I'd try my backup key. No cigar.

Okay, I'll wiggle my original key a little, since some people find this works. Nope. So I thought about hitting "unlock" on my fob while it was in the ignition. Sweet!!! It worked.

It's getting increasingly difficult to do this though. I noticed that after I turn the car off if I put the key back in the ignition immediately after, it'll unlock the steering column like it should. But if I lock the car then unlock it I have to use my magic to get the key to turn. After this I thought maybe my car battery isn't holding its charge, but it's less than a year old and I have no warning gauges indicating a low battery.

Can anyone shed some light on what might be the issue? I live 2+ hours from the nearest dealership and with being a full time grad student and working I'd like to fix this ASAP. Thanks!
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