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110 CDI 1999

I needed to use a puller on one of my injectors to get it out (lucky), however, in order to use the puller you are required to remove the internals from the injector down to the ball valve. Problem is I lost the ball bearing, but this only came to my attention when I dismantled one of the other injectors to see how it was assembled. I then put this injector back together.

When I called the local injector specialist I was told that I would need a recon injector for the one missing the ball bearing (fair enough) but also that the injector I disassembled would also require replacing with a recon injector as they require calibration. As far as I can tell there is no way to adjust/calibrate the injector other than the shim which sits on top of the ball bearing and as long as the same parts were used in the reassembly and this was done carefully then why would the injector not function the same.

So does anyone have any experience of using injectors which have been disassembled and rebuilt without being tested or reconditioned?

Any help much appreciated.
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