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Hey howz it going folks? I just signed up the other day. [8D]

I was wondering if there is anyone on here from the south east (US of A)?

Looks like a pretty nice forum, I'll try to post up whenever I can.

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Welcome! What year and model do you have? Toward the upper right of the screen you can go to Profile/Preferences and add your vehicle and also your city and state. They will then show up on the left side of your posts.
wttc! nice to see newbies with positive first posts.. rather that "there's something wrong with my slk".. LOL
Some of us are from the SE. There are memebers in Atlanta, GA and Florida.
Welcome aboard...QueenCity..could that be Charlotte? If so I am about 180 miles away! [:D] hope you find this forum helpful. FR///
thnx guys.

Yeah I'm in Charlotte, NC.

I just sold my (modded the f#$k-out, 11 sec) 3000GT VR4 and was going to have this SLK as my interim vehicle but had so much fun with it I decided to stick with it and see what I could do.

fyi this is what I have in mind for this car:
-custom red interior
-SLR wheels
-hid kit

as for performance work, I have been struggling to find anyone that is a dealer for mercedes stuff here in the US. I can't find any place that sells Brabus, Kleeman, Lorinsen, RennTech, etc. Where do you guys get this shit?
those companies you just mentioned has lists of authorized dealers here in US on their websites... as for performance .. i suggest linh's kit, 13K more miles to put in the car and i will be getting it (just dont want to deal with my warranty company, in case)! you should get it too!!

maybe this thread can help you make up your mind, they know what they are doing...
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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