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Noob question. Need help please

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Hey all. I am new to doing stuff to Mercedes. Ie lowering springs,sways, etc. I have worked, and just had a Subaru legacy I had fixed up with all that. Can anyone suggest a spring,and sway combo? Also what brands are better then others. Also,could you also input what size rims would work with those combination of springs and sways. I do know I have my mind set on mandrus rims. I don't know size. Why I am asking input of other stuff to get a good idea what they'll look like and how much the springs lower car. Thanks to all that input. It is greatly appreciated.
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Best question to ask when looking to upgrade suspension and or wheels is
What are my(your) goals? How extreme or subtle do YOU want?
Asking others you'll get their point, which can be off base. Like the last post:confused:

W208's don't have a lot of suspension choices.
Springs; Eibach, H&R, Vogtland, Koni
Shocks; Koni, Bilstein
Coil overs; K&W V2 (ftw), D2, Ksports,
Wheels; Mandrus (good call) anything with a staggered setup.
Size? Your call. All I'm going to say is 18, even 19's ride quite smooth.
Williams707 has an awesome set of 20's.
With these cars it's more about the suspension setup.
Welcome to the forum and Good Luck
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I See (A)Dead people (B) Plum Smugglers

I see people complain of how rough the ride is after putting sport suspension off so it's not off base at all. he never stated his goal. all he asked was what was the best suspension. best suspension for what? and you can pull off 18's on a clk but anything bigger looks stupid.
You might find one Plum smuggler who thinks his suspension is rough but Ask those who have H&R's with Bilsteins or Konis on W208 forum with V8 430's or even lighter 320's it's got a very compliant ride. Yes even with 19's

Have you ever even driven a lowered CLK with 19's?
20's on CLK's fit and drive quite well.
Don,t be quick to misjudge what others already use and enjoy.
When I see people generalize it tends to be (A)less believable and (B)negatively biased.
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