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Noob question. Need help please

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Hey all. I am new to doing stuff to Mercedes. Ie lowering springs,sways, etc. I have worked, and just had a Subaru legacy I had fixed up with all that. Can anyone suggest a spring,and sway combo? Also what brands are better then others. Also,could you also input what size rims would work with those combination of springs and sways. I do know I have my mind set on mandrus rims. I don't know size. Why I am asking input of other stuff to get a good idea what they'll look like and how much the springs lower car. Thanks to all that input. It is greatly appreciated.
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Sorry I wasn't more informative. I was looking at 18's,and my goals would be to have a nice drop with 18's. Nothing extreme(not looking to race, or need for a extreme suspension). I just want a nice drop look with some 18's on it.
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