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Noob here with some questions,,,,,,,,

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Well, today I sold my Corvette. A '94 coupe. Kinda sad to see it go. But, the reason for selling it was I am now hunting for an SL500, something in the '98-2000 year range.

Any help would be appreciated. What should I look for, stay away from ETC. I am pretty well versed in Corvette's, I have owned a few. Certain years have certain issues. I assume the SL has similar things to look out for.

Also, is there a page on here for a list of options for these model years???

Any help would be appreciated.

One last look. She went to a new home this morning,,,,
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Welcome to the Forum!!

I'm sure you will find a wealth of information here.

The year range you have chosen is representative of a model which has been refined since its implementation (1990), with few issues.

With the launch of the R230, we have seen prices drop into a very affordable range for most 129's.

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Welcome Eff1, I also am quite new here, and also got rid of my WELL LOVED Corvette!! Let me tell ya, If your lucky enough to get a FINE 129, you will SOON forget about your Vette!!!!! I just got home from a 300 mile drive and I can still funtion as normal. I was Never able to do that in my Corvette.These cars are simply amazing!! I've been into all sorts of cars for 35 plus years and this one is BY FAR the best I have ever had.Mine is a 00 SL-500 with the SL2 opt.package The ONLY thing I would change is the wheels,but the rest of this car is "SPOT ON" Good Luck in your search[:D]
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