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Hi all,
I go by the name smokindave and am a member on many forums,whatever I am in are the greatest places to get good info and make "like minded" new friends.:thumbsup:

I bought a 96 M-B S500 on Friday and will be picking up after five pm tonight,I will post pics after I pick it up.
I am very excited though and am planning a roadtrip in the near future,well as soon as weather conditions change,its -28 celcius with a foot of fresh snow.....brrrrrrrrrrrr...Oh well,no big deal...till the roads dry up I'll spend my time riding my turbo charged,310 hp Yamaha Apex snowmobile here in our great Canadian mountains.:D

I look forward to being on the forum lots in the future,I will be perfecting my new toy as I have with all my you will be seeing lots of me or at least hearing from
I sure have learned a lot about the Benz in the last couple of days lurking here...Thanks!:D


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Welcome to Benzworld. Please complete your profile as this will help members give you the most accurate answer to your questions. Location is also important when we need to help you find parts etc. This forum is for introductions only and all questions should be posted on the appropriate sub forum for your car.

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