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Non-Pivoting Sun Visors

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I got my SLK 350 earlier this month and I just love it, but it has one "feature" that's driving me nuts. Although the car came equipped with almost everything I wanted, it didn't have the Premium package. A couple of days after I bought the car, the sun finally came out and I discovered that the sun visors are fixed in position. That is, they will swivel up and down, but cannot pivot to the side. I have never seen that on any car I have ever driven (or even heard of). Although it is not mentioned (as best I can tell) in any of the SLK brochures, the normal, pivoting sun visors are only available in the SLK 350 if you get the Premium or AMG packages. The SLKs I saw in the dealer showroom all had the normal visors, so they must have had those packages. Has anyone else noticed this? It seems pretty cheesy for MB to effectively downgrade such a basic item as a sun visor in such an expensive car. Does anyone know if I can just order the parts for the other visors and install them myself? Any input would be greatly appreciated.


SLK 350, Automatic, Iridium Silver, Berry Red interior with Comfort, Lighting, Entertainment (with Nav), and Heating packages.
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Hi Malibuite,

Yes, I hope we do see each other. When I get the chance, I'd like to take a run up the coast starting in your neck of the woods. Obviously, ordering was the way to go, but my impatience got the best of me. Well, I can't complain too much. I do love the car and figure that I can probably get the visor thing addressed somehow. Take care.

Sorry, Julien, but they don't. The description you gave exactly matches the "normal" visors on the cars with the Premium or AMG packages. The dealer actually confirmed (after the fact, of course) the difference between those and the anchored version I have. Just to make sure, I went back to my car to make sure that I didn't miss something the other dozen times I tried to get them to pivot. Alas, I had not. As Dave Barry would say, "I am NOT making this up!" Thanks for your post, though.
I'll bet that the visors made for the SLKs with the Premium or AMG packages have the same mounting holes, screws, etc. I'm taking my car into the dealer this weekend to see if it's possible to just order the parts and either put them in myself or have them do it. It just doesn't look like it should be that hard. Of course, the idea of paying extra to get a feature that comes standard on seemingly every other car on the road still frosts me. By the way, polojcp, the auto-dimming mirrors are the other feature from the Premium package I wish I had. I can live without vanity lights and "ambiance" lighting. Of course, the remote opening of the windows and top would be nice.

Thanks for the clarification. I'm dealing with the Parts guy at my dealership and I told him to try to find the part for the AMG version of the sun visors. I'll have to correct that, or run the risk of getting another set of the same thing!

I'm still waiting for the parts guy to get back to me, but I'll let you know how it all turns out. You'd be surprised what a challenge this is turning out to be. I mean, how hard can it be to just order (and pay for!) replacement visor parts? Oh well, I'll let you know.

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