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Noise from front right side, 600 SEL 1994

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My car is making a noise (like a rumble/like a wheel beraing that is worn) from the front right side of the car (approx front right wheel).

The noise is there when the car is cold and will fade out after driving a few minutes. After the noise is gone I can still get the car to make the noise by turning left (shifting weight to the, right by turning left).

I have tried the following to diagnose the problem:

1) Change wheelbering from one side to another

2) Change wheels (side)

with out any change.

Looking forward to hear your comments, thanks.

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Tire size is what it sounds like
here is why i say this:

My front tires are 255/45/20 no rubbing. At one time last year I bought some new wheels that had 245/45/20 tires (smaller actually) and they rubbed each time I accelerated or braked or turned the wheel. These were the same symptoms as the creater of this thread so its worth a shot to see if he has the right tire size or not...
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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