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no start on my 92 sl 300

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i was having repeated cold start problems it would start and die a few times then eventually stay running at idle couldnt touch the gas for ten min or so then it would run ok after that. no it died at idle today and wont start i have fuel to the fuel dis but not at the injectors any ideas what would have cause this thanks
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...i have fuel to the fuel dis but not at the injectors...
Does the mixture control unit flap move freely? If so, and it deflects while you crank the engine but there is no fuel going to the injectors, then I would suppose either: (1) fuel pressure is very weak due to defective pumps or fuel filter, or (2) the fuel distributor has a defect and is somehow not passing fuel.

My advice to anyone with a drivetrain issue is to search this forum and maybe submit a new post there, as peachparts is much larger than this R129 forum.

I have a good, used mixture control unit from a '92 300SL available for sale. Email me if you are interested.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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