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No start and ABS light on but OVP fuse ok.

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Okay so the other night the car would'nt start and the battery died after being cranked by me for like 10 second like maybe 8 times. I was convinced my spark plugs were fouled with heat and oil so I changed them out. I gapped the plugs and installed them in record time.:)

So I went to restart the car and still nothing. So I recharged the batteries overnight and took the night off to start fresh in the morning.
Okay so like every time I start the car, I put the car in position one, wait till all lights come on and wait to hear the fuel pump, wait for the seatbelt buzzer to go off, and then I start the car.

But this time it just cranked over and over. Okay so Im puzzled, so I take off the air cleaner and housing and pour alittle fuel in her. I go to start normally and she starts right up. So Im thinking its a fuel delivery problem and the fuel will run out and stall right? HECK no the car keeps going.:confused:

Okay so now Im puzzled. Since doing this my check engine light comes on then off and the ABS light comes on in its place and stays on. The ABS light was on before and I ordered a new OVP relay recently and haddent found time to put it in.

Ive checked the forum and most cases the OVP needs replacement. So I bought a new OVP and installed it 2 days ago. Removed battery and installed OVP and replaced battery. Still no change in ABS light. So I looked at my old OVP with 1 10 amp fuse and it looks good no break in the fuse. So I put the old one back in the car. Still same issue.

Okay so now Im alittle confused. :confused:If its not the OVP what can it be now? She starts up but runs ruff till warm up. She runs well after and for all day. Just that one time I need to pour alittle fuel in the intake. Every start since its been fine.

I have the typical oil leaks on the block and cover area.
*replaced spark plugs yesterday
*rotor and cap replaced last year
*OVP replaced no change, old one put back in. 10 amp fuse okay.
*air cleaner newer
*all fuses in box look okay
*oil changed recent

Could this be a combo of problems?
Any help or futher clarifying questions guys?

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yeah I had the ovp issue as well. when the car stalled out and would not restart with all the cranking, I looked behind the battery and there was moisture inside the OVP fuse cover! After the car was towed, I replaced it with a spare ovp from a junkyard and the car fired up. I went ahead and ordered a new one from to replace what looked like the original 1995 edition,

car even seems to run more solid now.

Spare ovp - don't leave home without it.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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