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No spark, no fuel...

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1985 500SEL

My friend looked at my car in my garage today
we found that the fuel pump is not buzzing and there were no sparks from the wire from the distributor...

we looked at the wiring diagrams and he said it could be two things

the Ignition control unit(80%) or the distributor(20%)..

what you think

should I take a chance and buy an ignition control unit????Do these things usually go on these cars??

please shed as many comments as you can..

Thanks a lot...
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I had a ign module go but that's not the way to analyze what's wrong with a car. Jumper the fuel pump relay, the pump will start. If it doesn't that is the first problenm to take care of. If it does start then check for spark. If no spark at distributor center lead then check the ign module AND coil/resistors. I had a coil short.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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