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I bought the Motorola hands-free kit for my verizon v60s phone, and installed in my 2000 clk320 using the tips Frank provided for his Nokia installation.

The car had no previous phone installed, just the factory pre-wiring, stock radio, no CD player. Everything went smoothly and works as expected, except the antenna signal.

I connected the antenna lead from the phone to the coax that terminates under the center console using a F-F mini-UHF connector (purchased from L-COM Connectors, - great price and service, even for quantity 1)

Trouble is, I'm not getting any signal from that antenna wire. For example:

phone standalone: 4 bars
phone in cradle, antenna lead connected to coax: 1 bar
phone in cradle, antenna lead dangling: 1 bar

Do I have the right coax? is there something else I need to do to energize the antenna wire? I note that Frank used an aftermarket antenna. Any suggestions?


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