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No Reverse 95 S420 722.366

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Last night, pulled into neighbor's driveway, put her into reverse to back into my garage and nothing. All forward gears work fine, flawlessly, actually.No indication of failing bands and clutches.

I've spent the better part of my morning reviewing threads and pdf's relating this common problem with the reverse seal tearing or o ring in valve body? Service bulletin says check plates and sealing rings on brake B-3 piston...

309,334 original miles on the drive train. I suspect the seal finally wore out.

Please throw some opinions over here.
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There are several threads that discuss this issue. It has to do with the poor material used in the reverse clutches and how it degrades quickly.

I've been driving without reverse for a long time although I don't use the car all that often.

One of these days when I'm feeling adventurous I will endeavor to repair mine.
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