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Here's a few photos describing the approach I used to mount the front license plate bracket on a standard W211 bumper. I used a 1 1/4-inch aluminum angle made from 1/8-inch thick stock to make a bracket to mount at the top edge of the mesh grille opening.

While it may have been possible to mount this bracket to the bumper using sheet metal screws, I decided to make an addtional backing plate from 1/4-inch thick aluminum stock. Unfortunately, it was necessary to remove the bumper in order to install this backing plate.

I used the plastic mesh grille to trace the curve of the front bumper on both the backing plate and the angle bracket. I used a metal blade in a saber saw to cut the brackets to shape. The angle bracket is 10 inches long and the backing plate is 9.5 inches long. Two 6mm screws are used to clamp the bumper between the angle bracket and backing plate. The backing plate is threaded with a 6mm tap since it is not practical to use a 6mm nut on the inside of the bumper.

I used 5mm screws to attach the plate to the bracket. A small piece of double-sided foam tape at the center of the backing plate secures it to the bumper cover when no screws are in place.

You need to trim a 1/4-inch thick piece from the impact foam to accommodate the backing plate.

I added two 2.5-inch by 1-inch strips of 3M Dual Lock to hold the plastic plate bracket to the face of the bumper. This fastener keeps the top edge of the bracket from flapping around.


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