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No Heated Seats?!

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Ohmigosh I just realized the most horrible news today. Well I had been on here asking about installing Xenon headlamps onto my 430 that came with Halogens. A friend informed me today about a K3 and K4 package and that they are package add ons and after doing some research they said like a K4 is a package for heated seats and Xenons. And then I thought wait, my car did NOT come with Xenons, but it was a not tooooo hard fix I guess, a bit pricey tho, and then it clicked, do I have heated seats?! And I just realized that no I do not. Where did the little buttons on my console go to warm my ass! I live in Portland, OR damnit and I am only gonna be enjoying my cabriolet for a couple months and then the other 9 months outta the year I need to warm my ass cuz the damn leather gets cold!!!! I am so pissed but am hoping that you MB wizards will have an easy fix for me.

Like seriously is it at all possible to like try to find, gawd I probably won't be able to huh, a pair of used heated front seats and install a whole new center console part and like rewireeeeee... ??

Or should I just sell my whole car and buy one with heated seats!

Damnit... whoever bought this 430 off the lot should of spent a few more G's on some HID's and heated seats... that whoever person in Laguna Beach obviously thought it was too warm for that??? Ugh..... so irritated.
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The heated seat buttons are rocker switches to the far left and right of the buttons that flank the red hazard triangle at the top of the center stack. There are two levels of heating and two LED pilot lights. If my photo posts OK you will notice that the driver's seat is operating in the low heat mode. MB has timers that automatically turn off the heat after 30 minutes or so.

Retrofitting done right would require you to install these swithces, the timers, the heaters in the seats (or swap in heated seats) and the appropriate wiring. I am not aware of anyone doing this but if you search this and other MB sites you might find somelthing.

This is my first car with heated seats and I must say I love them. It's great on a cold morning or on the drive home from the golf course when my back has stiffened. My brother lives in Portland so I know what you are up against.

A cheaper yet satisfying solution for you might be to put sheepskin covers on the seats and then slip electric heating pads between the sheepskin and the leather.


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