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No Heated Seats?!

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Ohmigosh I just realized the most horrible news today. Well I had been on here asking about installing Xenon headlamps onto my 430 that came with Halogens. A friend informed me today about a K3 and K4 package and that they are package add ons and after doing some research they said like a K4 is a package for heated seats and Xenons. And then I thought wait, my car did NOT come with Xenons, but it was a not tooooo hard fix I guess, a bit pricey tho, and then it clicked, do I have heated seats?! And I just realized that no I do not. Where did the little buttons on my console go to warm my ass! I live in Portland, OR damnit and I am only gonna be enjoying my cabriolet for a couple months and then the other 9 months outta the year I need to warm my ass cuz the damn leather gets cold!!!! I am so pissed but am hoping that you MB wizards will have an easy fix for me.

Like seriously is it at all possible to like try to find, gawd I probably won't be able to huh, a pair of used heated front seats and install a whole new center console part and like rewireeeeee... ??

Or should I just sell my whole car and buy one with heated seats!

Damnit... whoever bought this 430 off the lot should of spent a few more G's on some HID's and heated seats... that whoever person in Laguna Beach obviously thought it was too warm for that??? Ugh..... so irritated.
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Dude, that sucks but you've got to do your homework before you buy a car!

Yes, this CAN be done but I bet you're talking $2K at LEAST, probably $3-4K. Not worth it. I'd get a new car before shelling that out.

Good luck.
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