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no electricity only only turn signals flashing

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Hi :crybaby2:
i have benz c320 2001 two days ago the car completely shut down, i mean no electricity and the the ignition switch does not vacuum the key, please i need help anyone to advise. thanks and sorry about my language. :bowdown::crybaby2:
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maybe a bad alternator?
More possible causes are a bad starter, may be drawing power.
Or just an open wire from battery/alternator/starter.

make sure battery is alive at least first.

check the BIG main fuse on the main positive terminal too(not sure if it's on this car at that location but most cars it is). If that pops then it's virtually no power as if the positive is disconnected.

Just to be clear, you mean no power like you can't even unlock your doors with the remote right? As if the battery is dead? No lights turn on and stuff? But yea check the battery first.

Wait I just saw the title, your turn signals work?
That rules out battery and main fuse. Check your other fuses, perhaps the ignition circuit got messed up.

If I had the system wiring diagrams I would be able to probably get much closer to pinpointing the problem. But I don't own the service manual, sorry. I don't even have torque specs for the wheels :(
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1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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