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I have an 05 c230k with 140k+ miles.

Issue I am expiriencing is a no start no crank condition.

Prior to this the vehicle was running ok with some intermitent slugishness upon accelaration but no codes or warning lights.

Recently changed to a factory battery and alternator due to a prior red battery light that went away when I changed the old alternator.

All interior lights and electronics work. Key fob turns all the way to the last position with no problems. Onky thing is it wont crank!

Double checked most fuses and relays and they appear to check out ok and swapped ignition/fuel related relays many times to double check

I have a few scenerios I think could have caused this.

1. I jump started another vehicle the day the car decided to not turn on about an hour after.(I never had the other car with the dead battery running and put all the correct cabkes in the right order). Could jumping the old battery have created a problem?

2. We had quite a bit of rain and noticed about an inch of water pooled up under the brake fluid reservoir. Also underneath the SAM module having a bit of the wires that lead underneath(blacl thick wires) apear moist/have water contact.

3. Possible starter going out. About 1in 20 times the csr would "hiccup" a bit with the rpms droping very slighlty upon cranking. It would not turn off but within a quick second level out and idle nicley. Could this be a stsrter related issue? Or crank sensor?

Any help would be appreciated.

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I would guess #2 is the problem.
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