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No CD Changer Display Message

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When I inserted my CD cartridge this morning and changed the button from Radio to CD, I received the message 'No CD Changer'.

I have been using the CD changer for five months without any problems. It was installed by a Mercedes dealer and purchased from AutoClass. I have five CDs in the cartridge (number two is empty). Any ideas what could cause this display error?

Thanks for your help.[?]
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That happened to me before...the changer just suddenly failed to recognize the case period. Fletcher Jones replaced it for free and it's been workin' since...that's the best I can offer ya.
Thanks Masoud K. - I'll contact AutoClass for a placement

I hope that works.
Wasn't The Cartridge - Same Display Error

I received a replacement cartridge for my CD Changer yesterday from AutoClass. I still get the message 'NO CD CHANGER' on the display panel at the radio and the message 'NO CDC' on the steering wheel console with the new cartridge.

I made an appointment with the dealer to look at it Tuesday. Any ideas what might have happened?

I purchased the CD Changer from AutoClass when I purchased my car in March and had the MB dealer install it in April when it arrived. Please tell me this is going to be under warranty at the dealership??

Thanks for any advice.
Thanks Chuck - It Wasn't The Cartridge

The dealer had to replace a faulty radio unit and a cable. So far so good...
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