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NLG Conversion

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Finally I have managed to get my baby the NLG conversion! No more starting or ignition problems! The installation is mainly simple: In the trunk there's a toroidal NLG tank (38 liters capacity) with a filler cap drilled on the right fender. From there a gas line and some control wires from the tank's valve and fuel pump to the engine compartment. There it's installed an electrovalve after a relay, a gas reductor, heated by water lines from the climate system, and a mixer into the air-filter housing. Here's the schematic on the internet (I'll post pictures - when I'll have a camera available - of the actual installed system):

Here I've scanned the gas mixer installation manual for this system:

More photos will follow!
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I have the LPG conversion on my car done unfortunately/unfortunately the way you look at it by the previous owner. Good side is I pay very little for fuel... bad side is, you can't do anything in terms of performance.

I don't agree with how they did your filler cap into the fender. A better way would have been in the bumper or just below the bumper. Also, its best to start and drive the gar on gas and wait until it warms up before it switching over to LPG. My car switches over with a small hidden switch automatically when it goes over 2000rpm's. Good thing is I can turn off the LPG and drive normally on gas.
Samoila Stefan said:
Mine operates exactly the same (the performance loss is not so noticeable for my baby) and btw the filler must be on the fender not in the bumper to avoid damage to the gas valves in case of accident (safety regulations, in the bumper it's illegal!!!).
I don't notice a large loss of power either, only when I'm driving over 160km/h... so I switch over to gasoline.

I would say 99% of all cars in Poland that have LPG have the filler mounted either on the bumper or with a custom mount thats located just under the bumper. Poland, just like your country, has inspections for LPG equipped cars and would not allow the filler to be on the bumper if it was deemed dangerous. Infact, the tank itself has a safety feature that would prevent any gas leak in an event of an accident. My tank is located in the spare wheel well.
I found an old picture of my 190... check out the bottom right side of the bumper. You can make out the filler cap.

BTW... I just did a 204 km trip, and used 17.18L of LPG. Not bad at all... and I was averaging about 80-140km/h through most of the ride.
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