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NJ, Southampton

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I'm pretty good at wrenching, but I haven't the tools or Mercedes knowledge to troubleshoot. It would be nice to have a "guru" to consult (and pay) to figure out my problems, then I can get dirty. I could go to the Phila ones if necessary, but if someone knows a closer expert I would greatly appreciate it.
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I have one in Southampton, which is near the intersection of Rt 206 and Rt 70, to give you some idea.

Here is their site: Mercedes Benz New Jersey Stuttgart German Car Service Homepage

Call Wolfgang and tell him Rick sent ya.
It's a bit north for me, but not outside my range. Thank you very much!
I just recently returned from my first road trip with the 420, and while strangely enough it seemed to run better after 1500 miles in a week (I think the previous owner only did 2 mile runs back and forth to work), some electrical bugs and front end gremlins have come to the fore. As soon as I financially recover from the trip, I'll be looking him up.
I agree

Wolfgang is an excellent MB mechanic. Had the pleasure of meeting him the other day and he definitely knows these cars. He has the Star Diagnostic System and is well versed in its use. Less expensive and equally professional alternative to the dealer to be sure. :thumbsup:
German Auto in Long Branch NJ near the Monmouth Park Race track - cannot remember the exact name but he worked on my old VW, sold me a 300CD and worked on that until I moved to VA. George Cook is the name. Great guy, can answer any question especially about older models.
Stuttgart is the best. Wolfgang had my SL600 for almost a week. Finally found the problem. Had to hookup to the MB diagnostic system to get the car to recognize the new parts. Charged me for only two hours labor. An honest, competent mechanic!
Extremely honest, more than competent.. I travel 45 miles each way to see Wolfgang and its worth every mile and every dollar. I found out about him through this forum when I had a question about a 300d I was looking to buy. I was so impressed with the time He spent with me over the phone, answering my stupid questions, to the point I felt guilty for wasting his time. His prices are fair, reasonable and you just might make a new friend. Last time I was there my car wasnt ready, so He drove me home, 45 miles each way!!! Wolfgang is the BEST!!!
I also had a good experience with Wolfgang and Tyler at Stuttgart in Southampton. I think the prices are reasonable for the service, and they will usually fix anything minor they see without charge (some dash lightbulbs in my case). If the bill starts getting up there, Wolfgang will hunt around for reconditioned parts if necessary.

Overall, a couple of great guys and the workmanship was excellent.

E. J.
Sadly, I found out last week that Wolfgang passed away last year in May. He was such a kind person and he will be missed. I have not been to the shop since the fall of 2017 but will go back within the next few weeks for some work on my cars.
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