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NJ Meet, party, and show

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Chester NJ.

as posted in an email from
[email protected] over at the SEC owners club.

It's been posted for Sat July 28. Now its up to you. It will be an all day Detailing Party and you can attend as couple or single--I will plan something for wives/girlfriends who don't like detailing. We collected $75 per couple last year to cover all food, drinks, supplies, and gifts--trust me, I don't make money from this, the crowd who knows me will tell you I Deliver! We served home made top shelf catering quality food--shrimp, grilled meats, summer salads---not just cheap hot dogs and soda. The idea is for guests not to have to travel with food in their good cars in hot weather

More details as I get em.
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If im out here and my engine is back in the car. Im down.
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