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Hiya everyone,

It's been a rainy season here. It rains and rains, over and over again. One time after another, I got caught under the rain while coming home from work. And to see my car becomes dirty (and drive it in the same condition next morning) is the reason I cannot sleep [:(] and less confidence [:I]

My silly question is: Is it OK to wash at night? Any pros and cons?

Thanks in advance

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For the many times I've washed in the dark, it always ended up looking "glazed" and "streaked" the next day, like I didn't wipe off the water/wax/polish or whatever properly. And yes, I missed alot of spots.

The best thing to do is...wax it really well before the storm/rain. If you can't, give it a good wash in the shade while there still is light and wax it really well to prevent water from staying on the car.

Then when it rains you don't have to worry about it getting all messed up looking the next day. Last time I waxed my car and it rained really hard, I couldn't tell it's been through the rain the way it looked because I waxed it well previously and the wax kept the water off of it.
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