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For sale: Mercedes Benz W126 500 sec Lorinser Edition 1984 - Mashpedia VideoPlayer

I think that it's a lovely looking Dutch registered Lorinser coupe with a full-on cosmetic treatment, (Lorinser is more into cosmetic mod's - Seats, body kit, shifter knobs, wheels and such, as this one showcases, but not into performance and tuning too much -- as say, AMG, MKB, Brabus and other German tuning companies, though Lorinser is a highly respected and established copany with lots of w126 autos under their belt.

I note that it even has the Mercedes Benz original fire extinguisher and trunk triangle in place, both illegal in America at the timem the FE's illegal supposedly because the chemicals inside are not DOT certified as legal, and the trunk triangles not legal for who knows what reason?

Being 25+ years old, in most states the car could be easily licensed here in most USA states with no bumper, headlight, side door beam and speedometer mods, ie, but state laws might vary, any buyer should check, but most likely today, it should be plug 'n' play in most US states.

A great example. I'd pay the premium price if it checked out, everything worked, and there was no rust or prior collisions.

I believe with the Euro Vin# it won't show in the CARFAX database, though Autocheck would reveal little, if anything at all with a euro VIN#...

Appears to have the original euro selling dealers sticker below the left tail light, where most of them were affixed back when new. That today is a VERY rare thing to see, though especially on aon a w126..

Looks like the real deal, and pretty stock, right down to the euro headlight wipers, euro headlights, tail lights and euro front and rear bliners, and the coveted, simple dials on the Euro climate control (far more simple and reliable than the US auto climate control units.

A nice Lorinser treatment, wheels, shifter knob, body kit and trunk spoiler and Lorinser trunk script, and custom seats and armrest.

In Europe at that time, a new '84 500SEC could cost just $40k USD equivalent, new at the dealer, and about another $20k to $30k in Lorinser mods.

That was a HECK of a lot of money at the time, but princes, plutocrats, tycoons of industry and dictators, rock stars and sports heroes and Middle Eastern Sheikhs could easily afford them.

The Lorinser and Mercedes paperwork is wonderful, and pretty rare to have survived to the present day.

Though the movie ad, decently done, with engaging music, is silent as to mileage, price, Vin#, history and condition, it is a very nice, fully sorted LOOKING vehicle in a ho-hum color. (Dark metallic, like red, blue and black are the most favored for these cars).

By the way a 500SEC euro performs just as heroically as a stock U.S. spec 560 with the US smog regulations, and it's a very nice Gen, I example.

Photos can play tricks, and the gauge face needles on this one depict yellow needles, a slight caution as the garaged ones even at this age should have bright orange needles, yellowed ones are in fact sun faded, depicting long time outdoor unprotected parking....

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It's very nice. The colour is good too? Possibly more a US thing with the dark colours bring preferred.
Apparently as time goes on, unusual colours and extras will help make the cars more desirable. Again that's possibly more in the European market though.

Not keen on the SEC script being replaced too high on the boot. Small point though and easily fixed.

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Beautiful car there, love the colors too
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