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What about new oil Joe. Lol

Mobil 1 5 W 50 was changed less then 600 miles ago but I will have to top off after the work is complete. Since the oil filter housing has to be removed to replace the oil filter housing seals. I'm also replacing the oil filter as well.

Future work will include:

Transmission Service
Transfer Case Service
Rear differential service with Lucas full synthetic 75 W 90 Fluid ( just like the front differential September 2016)

Front drivers side half shaft axle
Front drivers side wheel bearing and hub
Front drivers lower ball joint
Both upper control arms

Front pads and rotors and sensor wire
Rear Struts
Rear ball joints

Replace all rubber coolant hoses
Replace thermostat
Replace coolant

Purchase used power front seats
Install power seats

New speakers and amp to go with Pioneer
head unit

Body work to remove door dings
Re painting to 040 Black (currently gold)

Yep I got a lot to do!

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Ok I was able to replace 12 spark plugs and 12 spark wires, and the passenger side Valve Cover Gasket, however the PCV HOSES are extremely dry rotted so I could not replace the Drivers Side Valve Cover Gasket, so I have ordered a PCV Hose replacement kit from FCP EURO. When that arrives I can finish the Valve Cover Gasket project, and replace the oil filter housing seals and oil cooler seals.

Also it's time to replace the Power Steering reservoir and O ring, and the high pressure A/C line to the condenser and evacuation and re- charge the A/C System.

Oh well it's only money $$$$$

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Ok so we were only able to replace the passenger side valve cover gasket as the PCV Breather hoses are completely dry rotted!

So I went online to FCP European site and ordered a complete PCV Breather hose replacement kit as well as a power steering reservoir and O ring. I also ordered some MB power steering fluid and a high pressure A/C Hose.

But the 12 Spark Plugs and Plug Wires are replaced and the engine purrs like a kitten!
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