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(GMM) Two days ahead of the rest of the world, a German newspaper has revealed the first photo of Mercedes' formula one car for 2011.

Bild am Sonntag published a photo showing the W02 with a very high and wide nose, a shinier silver livery and a reversion to a more conventional airbox.

The car will only be officially launched on Tuesday morning before it is tested for the first time as pre-season testing kicks off at Valencia.

"It has a shiny new silver paint, which really illuminates the beautiful shapes," said the German marque's motor sport vice-president Norbert Haug.

He said the goal is to race with the front-runners this season, and team boss Ross Brawn revealed that designers have been aggressive with the W02.

"Last year I had to turn down some of the engineers' interesting suggestions. Now it's different. We are much better organized," said the Briton.

Added Michael Schumacher: "The guys have done a very good job, I am very satisfied.

"We decided to start work on the car very early last season. We knew quite quickly what was wrong with the 2010 car and have improved significantly in all of those areas."

And Brawn said of the W02's proudest boasts is its KERS system.

"It is very light, very compact, and will affect the balance hardly at all. It is a big step," he revealed.


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