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**-Low Prices on NEW Pierburg M272 Intake Manifolds

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Pierburg M272 Intake Manifold Assembly $499.95 Gaskets sold separately.

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MB- 272 140 21 01
Pierburg- 700246330


12 Intake manifold with integral vacuum reservoir
12/1 Swirl flap shaft, left cylinder bank
12/2 Swirl flap shaft, right cylinder bank
12/3 Longitudinal switch flap shaft, right cylinder bank
12/4 Longitudinal switch flap shaft, left cylinder bank
22/6 Intake manifold switchover diaphragm
22/9 Swirl valve switchover diaphragm
Y22/6 Variable intake manifold switchover valve
Y22/9 Intake manifold swirl flap switchover valve
B28/9 Swirl flap position sensor, right cylinder bank not shown
B28/10 Swirl flap position sensor, left cylinder bank not shown
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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