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Newbie to NSW

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Hi everyone. I'm from Malaysia and currently own a W123-230E and W201-190E. My family is moving to NSW in the next couple of months and I've to get a car soon.

Initially I was looking at Honda or Toyotas as I do not know any trustworthy mechanics in NSW.

Although both my MB are > 20 yrs old, maintenance costs is low in Malaysia. I'm thinking of getting either a W124 Sedan or TEs as I know they costs very little to maintain but unsure about that in Oz.

Appreciate some feedback from current W124 in NSW on cost of maintanance and where I should shop for a used good W124.

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Welcome to Benzworld!! Try posting your question in the forum specific to your car and I'm sure that one of the many knowledgable members here would be glad to help you!
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