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Hi guys. Just bought 07' ML63 AMG.

I have some questions to ask and i hope i get answers ;)

Problem 1:
It has rear tvs but i dont know how to launch them to work. One of them shows "NO TV" on the other shows "NO DISC INSERTED".

I have a CD-Changer (6 CDs) and 2 behind the COMAND (1 for NAV and 1 shows CD).

How can i watch DVD's? Can i play .avi files? It plays MP3 though. How can i launch the rear tv screens?

Problem 2:
The car is American. Can i watch TV on it - im living in Europe?
Which is better for bluetooth phone connect - new Viseeeeeo MB-2 or used B67875877-B67880000

Thank you in advance!:cool::cool:
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